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Fin 571 Week 4 Essay Example

Balance 571 Week 4 Essay Example Balance 571 Week 4 Essay Balance 571 Week 4 Essay Guillermo Furniture Analysis Paper University of Phoenix Corporate Finance FIN/571 Guillermo Furniture Analysis Paper . Guillermo Navallez is the proprietor and administrator of the Guillermo Furniture Company. Mr. Navallez has worked this store for year in the Sonora, Mexico region and had manufactured a positive affinity with that network. As of late, Mr. Navallez has two issues he is confronting. One issue is an abroad contender and the other is the significant expense of work. The abroad contender is making furniture utilizing new and inventive advances. Since Guillermo furniture represents considerable authority in stand-out hand made furnishings, his expense of work is incredibly high due to the time that is expected to make each piece. Along these lines, Guillermo is losing benefit just as clients; Mr. Navallez has been attempting various plans to help improve his business. . As of right now, the main choice for the Guillermo furniture store is straightforward. This organization must join the positions of its rivals so as to remain in business. Guillermo needs to change from carefully assembled pieces into utilizing the innovative innovation like its rivals. This innovation will reduce expenses on materials just as work, and still gracefully quality furnishings. Guillermo Furniture has a choice to be taken over by its rival. This alternative isn't gotten well by Mr. Navallez. He has no expectation of being purchased out. Since he wouldn't like to lose everything that he has worked for, Mr. Navallez needs to place an arrangement energetically right away. He is worried about his family and his obligation to deal with them. : In The organization utilized the â€Å"what-if† model, it would permit the entrepreneur to take a blend of his projections and think of one goals. On the off chance that he incorporates various speculations it will assist with setting up a current worth file. Mr. Navallez could then gain by his speculations. The WACC is built up by the utilization of various evaluations Mr. Navallez has been looking into changed options for the Guillermo Furniture Store. A company’s resources are financed by either obligation or value. By taking a weighted normal, you can perceive how much premium the organization needs to pay for each dollar it accounts. WACC is the general required profit for the organization in general and, it is frequently utilized inside by organization executives to decide the probability of development openings and mergers. It is the fitting rate to use for incomes with chance that is like that of the general firm (Investopedia, 2011). The primary alternative is to continue maintaining the same old thing and not rolling out any improvements. The net present worth investigation can be controlled by and outside substance to show whether Guillermo is working at its most noteworthy while in business. This will show the net present an incentive after expenses. The Net Present Value is the distinction between what something is worth and the current estimation of its normal future money (Emery, Finnerty, Stowe, 2007, p. 187). Next, the compensation time frame is the quantity of years it takes the business to recoup from the first venture. On the off chance that $300 million is contributed inside a specific timespan the organization will be capable add more income to the cash that was initially put into the organization. Restitution periods can take quite a while or a brief timeframe relying upon the conditions. Then again, it will inevitably pay off at long last. For Mr. Navallez and Guillermo Furniture, a compensation time span is the best alternative to help exploit the reproduction of his business. Capital planning is the way toward picking a drawn out capital venture According to (Emery, Finnerty, and Stowe). This remembers ventures for land just as hardware. Capital planning is educated to the store as a result of Guillermo’s resources, items, and administrations that the business gives. There is no restriction to the quantities of potential speculations that can’t be reached. Nonetheless, in light of present and future choices, imperatives for the future will be extremely thin. Arranging of these decisions will assist with benefiting from resources and improve the benefits later on. In The Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario, capital planning ventures are decided by esteem. We likewise discover that capital is worth more than it costs, since stock costs will increment and afterward the riches by the measure of capital will be unique. All in all The Guillermo stock would increment if the organization took on a capital planning venture with a positive stock worth and diminishing if the stock worth is negative. Reference Emery, Finnerty, Stowe. (2007). Corporate Financial Management (third ed. ). New Jersey: Pearson-Prentice Hall. Investopedia. (2011). www. investopedia. com. Recovered from investopedia. com/terms/w/wacc. asp University of Phoenix (2011). Lawrence Sports Simulation [Video podcast]. Fund for Managerial Decision Making: Working Capital Management. Recovered from http://https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/AAPD/merchants/goodbye/sims/money/working_capital/finance_working_capital_frame. html

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Pakistan National Conservation Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Pakistan National Conservation Strategy - Essay Example The structure of the Institute was started by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature-Pakistan (IUCN-P) with critical help from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), thankfully recognized as the Institute's key wellspring of institutional help. The council detailed for the constitution of SDPI counseled government authorities, scholastics, scholarly people, NGOs and columnists while defining the by-laws and recognizing the main Board of Governors. During eleven years of SDPI's presence, there have been six changes in government. SDPI, as an approach situated research organization, has needed to restore associations with government each time the organization has changed. In spite of this generally temperamental world of politics, SDPI has, and means to keep on creating quality approach research and backer popularity based administration and professional individuals activities. to add to reinforcing the social and physical foundation for inquire about in Pakistan including the development and spread of databases and research lists and the improvement of library frameworks There has been little change to the current command and objectives of the Institute. Be that as it may, there has been a procedure of explanation and prioritization. We are quick to hold the qualities that have made SDPI the exceptionally regarded Institute it is. We are additionally mindful that a procedure of rebuilding and changing needs is basic to boost our near favorable position and guarantee we keep on improving our adequacy. The techniques beneath mirror these requirements and wants: fortify linkages between strategy, research, backing and preparing keep up the straightforward, participatory, 'moral

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The Qualities of Leaders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Qualities of Leaders - Assignment Example There can be a rundown of authority characteristics in the character of Jeff Bozos (Anders, 2012). It is celebrated that Bezos consistently watches out for framework thinking. He generally includes clients as a significant part in the gatherings. He is continually getting ready for a drawn out methodology. At first his ventures may seem as though wastage yet it might harvest benefits at long last. Disappointment isn't an issue for him, yet most likely, he wants to be imaginative and creative. He generally accepts on a participative dynamic and because of this explanation, he generally inclines toward client criticism. He is celebrated for offering esteems to his representatives. Everyone at Amazon is considered as the Amazon Leader. Steve Jobs is an individual who is considered as a solid and fruitful pioneer; however there are some negative characteristics related with his administration style (Sander, 2011). It is well known that he was somewhat self-important towards others. For including all the colleagues, there ought to be a benevolent domain in the association. A decent correspondence is severely required between the pioneer and the colleagues. If there should be an occurrence of his administration, the correspondence component was absent. There were no preparation programs for the staff individuals. A decent pioneer should keep his colleagues refreshed. Criticism is additionally another significant piece of business cycle and for his situation there was no reasonable framework to gather input. Sander, B. (2011), ‘Unforgiveable Leadership Mistakes That Steve Jobs Made’, Sanders Consulting Group, recovered on July 6, 2014 from

The Relationship Between Media and Politics Essay Example for Free

The Relationship Between Media and Politics Essay Presentation The Access to Information and Privacy Bill, 2001 (Media Bill) is as of now being considered by the Zimbabwean Parliament. Entry of this Bill, which is a piece of a progression of prohibitive measures proposed by the Government, was as of late deferred when the parliamentary legitimate advisory group neglected to provide details regarding it ahead of time of the subsequent perusing, as required by the Constitution of Zimbabwe. This Bill, whenever went into law, would seriously limit opportunity of articulation in Zimbabwe. The planning of the Media Bill, only preceding the presidential races booked for March of this current year, makes ARTICLE 19’s worries about it even more powerful, given the critical significance of opportunity of articulation to free and reasonable races. As the name of the Media Bill infers, it does officially build up an option to get to data held by open bodies, something ARTICLE 19 invites. Nonetheless, this privilege is so restricted by prohibitions and special cases that its reasonable effect is probably going to be very constrained. The Media Bill does likewise force confines on the assortment of individual data by open bodies and the utilizations to which such bodies may put this data, again something we welcome. Be that as it may, the heft of the arrangements in the Media Bill have nothing to do with access to data or protection. Rather, they force a scope of cruel limitations on media opportunity. This gives the feeling that the name and data/protection arrangements have been incorporated essentially to distract from the genuine import of the Media Bill. Key issues with the Media Bill are as per the following: the special cases and rejections to one side to data are so far reaching as to viably refute the right; all news sources and any business dispersing media items or even video or sound accounts must get an enrollment declaration from a legislature controlled body; every single individual columnist should likewise acquire accreditation from the equivalent body;â all outside responsibility for media is denied and no non-resident may function as a writer; and extreme limitations are forced on the substance of what the media may distribute or communicate. This Memorandum investigations the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Bill, setting out ARTICLE 19’s fundamental worries, alongside suggestions with respect to how to address them. Our interests are assembled into five fundamental classifications. To start with, the arrangements on opportunity of data are truly subverted by a broad system of rejections and special cases. Second, the Media Bill apportions expansive administrative forces to an Information and Media Commission however this body is solidly heavily influenced by the Minister answerable for data. Third, all news sources, just as the individuals who spread data, including through video and sound tapes, are required get an enrollment endorsement from the Commission. Fourth, conditions are set on who may rehearse news coverage and all writers are required to get accreditation from the Commission. Fifth, the law forces severe limitations on media content, including by reintroducing arrangements which were as of late struck down as unlawful by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe. Global and Constitutional Standards Global Guarantees of Freedom of Expression The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is commonly viewed as the lead proclamation of global human rights, authoritative on all states as an issue of standard worldwide law. Article 19 of the UDHR ensures the privilege to opportunity of articulation and data in the accompanying terms: Everyone has the option to opportunity of assessment and articulation; this privilege incorporates the option to hold conclusions without obstruction and to look for, get and grant data and thoughts through any media and paying little heed to outskirts. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), a lawfully restricting arrangement which Zimbabwe confirmed in 1991, ensures the privilege to opportunity of feeling and articulation in fundamentally the same as terms to the UDHR, additionally in Article 19. Zimbabwe is additionally involved with the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which ensures opportunity of articulation at Article 9. These assurances take into account a few limitations on opportunity of articulation and data however just where these are endorsed by law, seek after a genuine point and are vital in a fair society to secure that point. Protected Guarantees Article 20(1) of the Zimbabwean Constitution ensures opportunity of articulation in the accompanying terms: Except with his own assent or by method of parental control, no individual will be prevented in the satisfaction in his opportunity of articulation, in other words, opportunity to hold suppositions and to get and give thoughts and data without obstruction, and opportunity from impedance with his correspondence. As under universal law, the Constitution permits a few limitations on opportunity of articulation, yet just where such limitations are â€Å"reasonably legitimate in a law based society† The Importance of Freedom of Expression Universal bodies and courts have made it exceptionally certain that opportunity of articulation and data is one of the most significant human rights. In its absolute first meeting in 1946 the United Nations General Assembly received Resolution 59(I) which states: Freedom of data is an essential human right and the touchstone of the considerable number of opportunities to which the United Nations is blessed. As this goals notes, opportunity of articulation is both on a very basic level significant in its own privilege and furthermore key to the satisfaction of every other right. It is just in social orders where the free progression of data and thoughts is allowed that majority rules system can thrive. What's more, opportunity of articulation is basic if infringement of human rights are to be uncovered and tested. The significance of opportunity of articulation in a majority rule government has been worried by various worldwide courts. For instance, the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights has held: Freedom of articulation is an essential human right, fundamental to an individual’s self-improvement, his political cognizance, and support in the direct of open undertakings in hisâ country. So also, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights expressed: Opportunity of articulation is a foundation whereupon the very presence of a majority rule society rests. It is imperative for the development of general assessment. [I]t can be said that a general public that isn't very much educated isn't a general public that is genuinely free. This has over and again been attested by both the UN Human Rights Committee and the European Court of Human Rights. 1 Constitutional Rights Project and Media Rights Agenda v. Nigeria, 31 October 1998, Communications 105/93, 130/94, 128/94 and 152/96, para. 52. 2 Compulsory Membership in an Association Prescribed by Law for the Practice of Journalism, Advisory Opinion OC-5/85, 13 November 1985, Series A, No. 5, para. 70. The way that the privilege to opportunity of articulation exists to ensure questionable articulation just as ordinary proclamations is settled. For instance, in an ongoing case the European Court of Human Rights expressed that: According to the Court’s entrenched case-law, opportunity of articulation establishes one of the basic establishments of a law based society and one of the fundamental conditions for its encouraging and for each individual’s self-satisfaction. Subject to passage 2 of Article 10, it is material not exclusively to â€Å"information† or â€Å"ideas† that are well gotten or viewed as tame or as an issue of apathy, yet additionally to those that annoy, stun or upset. Such are the requests of that pluralism, resilience and broadmindedness without which there is no â€Å"democratic society†. These announcements accentuate that opportunity of articulation is both a major human right and furthermore key to vote based system, which can thrive just in social orders where data and thoughts stream openly. Media Freedom The assurance of opportunity of articulation applies with specific power to the media, including the communicate media and the Internet. As the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has expressed: â€Å"It is the broad communications that make the activity of opportunity of articulation a reality.†4 Because of their essential job in advising people in general, the media all in all legitimacy exceptional insurance. As the European Court of Human Rights has held: [I]t is †¦ officeholder on [the press] to confer data and thoughts on issues of open intrigue. In addition to the fact that it has the undertaking of conferring such data and thoughts: people in general likewise has a privilege to get them. Were it in any case, the press would be not able to assume its fundamental job of ‘public watchdog’. This applies especially to data which, albeit basic, is imperative to the open intrigue: The press assumes a basic job in a law based society. Despite the fact that it must not exceed certain limits, specifically in regard of the notoriety and privileges of others and the need to forestall the revelation of private data, its obligation is all things considered to give †in a way reliable with its commitments and duties †data and thoughts on all issues of open intrigue [footnote deleted]. What's more, the court is aware of the way that journalistic opportunity likewise covers conceivable plan of action to a level of distortion, or even incitement. This has been perceived by the established courts of individual states far and wide. For instance, the Supreme Court of South Africa has as of late held: Nilsen and Johnsen v. Norway, 25 November 1999, Application No. 23118/93, para. 43. Mandatory Membership in an Association Prescribed by Law for the Practice of Journalism, operation cit., para. 34. 5 Thorgeirson v. Iceland, 25 June 1992, Application No. 13778/88, dad

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2019 Best Brightest Meredith Wolpert, Georgia Tech (Scheller)

Meredith Wolpert 2019 Best Brightest: Meredith Wolpert, Georgia Tech (Scheller) by: Jeff Schmitt on March 24, 2019 | 0 Comments Comments 583 Views March 24, 2019Meredith WolpertGeorgia Tech, Scheller College of Business  Ã¢â‚¬Å"I am a vibrant, ambitious go-getter who loves a good podcast and long life chats over coffee.†Fun fact about yourself: I say â€Å"Rabbit, rabbit!† after waking up on the first day of each month. In fourth grade, my teacher said this will ensure good luck for the rest of the month, and I haven’t missed one yet!Hometown: Boston, MassachusettsHigh School: Westborough High SchoolMajor: Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology Management and a Certificate in Business AnalyticsFavorite business course: My favorite course has been Introduction to Strategy with Professor Pian Shu. Unlike any other course I’ve taken, Introduction to Strategy was purely built on case studies, group discussions, and team projects. This cla ss took my original way of thinking about business issues and completely flipped it on its head. The biggest takeaway was learning that there’s rarely one right answer to solve a complex business issue. Instead, this class has helped me develop an appetite for taking risks and taught me to appreciate the beauty in uncertainty when it comes to decision making. Also, I gained insight into how important it is to not only study the successes of a company but also their shortcomings. While before, I focused solely on the company’s success stories, I now see the value in failure and the lessons learned from it.Extracurricular activities, community work and leadership roles during College:  Leadership and Extracurricular Activities:Scheller Business Ambassadors, President (2017 – 2018)First female president to lead and develop a team of six vice presidents, six project managers, and over 65 general members.Led redesign of the recruitment process to minimize bias and ensure the election of a diverse set of qualified candidates.Planned and executed more than 15 events per semester for the undergraduate population at Scheller College of Business.Created and maintained a website from scratch for members to find calendars, resources, contact information, etc.               Project Manager of Scholarship Events (2016 – 2017)Organized and directed three events for over 100 prospective students to interview for over $500,000 in scholarships.Managed a $2,000 budget while collaborating with senior leadership and faculty in the Undergraduate Programs Office.Society of Women in Business, Vice President of Project Management (2017 – 2018)Interviewed, selected, and led a team of six project managers in planning networking opportunities, on-campus community development events, professional workshops, panel events, and fundraisers.Fostered and maintained relationships among 10 corporate companies with sponsorships totaling over $14,500.                Project Manager of Membership (2016 – 2017)Created, implemented, and managed the internal mentorship program with 85% participation.Planned and led eight membership development events, networking activities, and resume workshops per semester.               Project Manager of Corporate Relations (2015 – 2016)Developed and facilitated the inaugural â€Å"Women in Business† Panel Event with five executives for over 60 attendees with 100% attendance.Created monthly newsletters using Microsoft Publisher to update corporate sponsors with current news about SWiB.DanceTech Performing Company, Member (2015 – 2019)Highly selective group of twenty classically trained dancers.Perform in three on-campus events per semester.Teach, choreograph, and participate in rehearsals 8+ hours per week.Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Member (2015 – 2019)Volunteered at Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter, Strut Your Mutt, Relay for Life, etc.Promote d awareness for Breast Cancer and raised over $1,000.Completed over 160 hours of community serviceFreshman Activities Board, Member (2015 – 2016)Highly selective group of 30 college freshmen out of 550+ that applied.Planned large (over 200 in attendance) and small (more than 20 in attendance) scale events for the entire freshman class in an effort to create a shared and enjoyable first-year experience.Managed a budget of $10,000.Awards and Honors:Scheller College of Business Bergmark Family Merit ScholarshipWay Up’s Top 100 Interns of the Year 2018 – Awarded for the quality of overall performance, work ethic, impact, and personal/professional growth during summer 2018 internship. Determined by a panel of industry expert judges and thousands of public votes. More can be found here.Dean’s Advisory Board panelistKeynote speaker at 2018 Dean Scholarship DinnerDean’s List all semesters received Faculty HonorsOmicron Delta Kappa Freshman Leadership Award Where have you interned during your college career? Red Bull, Atlanta, Regional Marketing and Sales Intern (Summer 2017); PwC in Chicago and Amsterdam, Netherlands, Management Consulting Intern (Summer 2018).Where will you be working after graduation? I will be joining LinkedIn in July 2019 in their Chicago office. I’m excited to be an incoming associate in their Business Leadership Program, which is a rigorous rotational program designed to facilitate the transformation of early-career talent into future business leaders. I discovered this program after initiating a handful of discussions with industry experts at LinkedIn. A few phone calls later, I was fortunate enough to have one of LinkedIn’s team members become my mentor throughout the whole process. On top of that, the career services team and professors at Scheller gave me all of the tools necessary to achieve this dream of mine!What did you enjoy most about your business school? The tight-knit community here at Scheller College is truly something special. I love how there’s a common theme of students working hard to achieve their dreams, but also celebrating their classmates’ successes as well. It’s rare to find such a supportive, uplifting environment at this high-caliber of a program. Throughout the past four years, the Scheller community has always been there for me through my highest of highs and lowest of lows. The people here are always the first I want to share the good news with, and they’re the ones who help pick me back up when I need it the most. Scheller truly feels like a family within the greater Georgia Tech community. I feel lucky to call this place my â€Å"home away from home.†Also, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the Oxford Study Abroad Program during the summer of 2016. This intense 12-week program consists of taking 12 credit hours of coursework while traveling to 27 cities across continental Europe and attending the University of Oxford’s Worcester College. This experience challenged me to grow into an incredibly independent, resourceful, and adaptive individual. After traveling to a different city every few days, I became comfortable with immersing myself in different cultures and I learned the value of keeping an open mind.What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business? Business is all about relationships. Whether you’re in investment banking or a creative agency, at the end of the day, we’re all just in the business of working with people. So, interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork, and relationship building are key to becoming a well-rounded, successful business professional. Also, while it’s pivotal to make these strong relationships, it’s even more important to maintain them. Throughout my time here, I’ve learned that your most important asset is your network. But, it’s even more crucial to kno w how to grow and leverage it!Secondly, I’ve learned that technology plays into all aspects of business as we move forward in a global environment. Scheller College is uniquely positioned at the intersection of business and technology. I feel fortunate to have been immersed in a curriculum designed so that technology is seamlessly intertwined into every business course, no matter the subject or level. Whether it’s studying machine learning or building a robot from scratch, Scheller students are fully equipped to view and solve real-world business issues through a technological lens. Further, the Scheller community embodies a true growth mindset. Scheller students have an itch to create the unimaginable, explore the unknown, and develop the â€Å"next best thing.† We never settle for the status quo, but rather utilize our business and technology expertise to push boundaries and surpass expectations. Technology is not just one part of our program, rather itâ€℠¢s in the fabric of this college.What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field? I would advise the student to keep an open mind! In my opinion, the beauty of a business degree is just how flexible and transferrable it is. You can go into almost any industry you’re interested in and quickly become an invaluable asset to any organization you’re a part of. A business degree will open more doors than you can imagine, so I’d encourage you to be open to every opportunity that comes your way.What has surprised you most about majoring in business? I was surprised by how applicable my business knowledge is other facets of my life! Whether the business topics surface in an interdisciplinary class, while listening to the news, or even having a conversation with a stranger, my foundation in business has helped me better relate to individuals and think critically. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a case study in class where the same company/topic is in a podcast I’m listening to or mentioned in an interview a few days later. Being knowledgeable about a business-related topic and able to contribute solid points in these scenarios is very rewarding!â€Å"If I didn’t major in business, I would be majoring in or studying†¦Psychology! I love understanding what makes people tick. I find it fascinating to explore the how’s and why’s behind an individual’s behaviors, perspectives, and habits. The few psychology courses I’ve taken in college have proven to be immensely helpful and eye-opening as they’ve taught me just how complex the human mind can be.Who most influenced your decision to pursue business in college? Karen Apuzzo-Langton, my high school business professor and personal mentor, inspired me to pursue business in college. As an enthusiastic and passionate marketing professional who wasn’t afraid to challenge her students, Ms. A puzzo-Langton sparked my initial curiosity in business. From there, whether it was working on projects, completing homework, or studying for a test, I found any and all of the topics relatable and enjoyable to learn about. While I took almost every business class she had to offer, I was hungry for more. So, following in Ms. Apuzzo-Langton’s footsteps, I decided to pursue a business degree in college and have never looked back.Which academic, extracurricular or personal achievement are you most proud of? I’m honored to have become the first female president of Scheller Business Ambassadors (SBA). As a nervous prospective student visiting Georgia Tech for the first time and feeling out of place, the Scheller Business Ambassadors immediately made me feel at home. Since then, I’ve always felt the need to give back to the organization that gave me so much. After stepping through the doors of the Scheller College my first day, I knew I wanted to get involved. Over the past four years, I’ve been able to serve as a general member, peer mentor, project manager, and, finally, president.During my presidency, I was responsible for leading a team of six vice presidents, six project managers, and a group of over 65 ambassadors. I’m so proud to have been able to serve an organization filled with some of the most inspiring, driven, and impressive individuals I know. This experience taught me more about myself as a leader, team member, and friend than I could have ever imagined.Which classmate do you most admire? My fellow classmate and good friend, Roopal Goel. Roopal is one of the most accomplished, yet humble and supportive individuals I know at Scheller College. Anyone who knows her can proudly say she is an absolute pleasure to be around as she lights up any room she walks in. In addition, she is always willing to prioritize a peer’s needs in front of her own any day of the week. She truly embodies Georgia Tech’s motto of P rogress and Service, and I’m inspired by her dedication to make Georgia Tech a better place in any way possible.Who would you most want to thank for your success?   Without a doubt, I would like to thank my parents. They are some of the most selfless, giving, and supportive people I know. They’ve taught me what it means to be a hard worker and have given me all of the tools necessary to chase after my dreams. I’m so grateful for all of the values they’ve instilled in me and for all of the encouragement they’ve given me along the way. I will never truly be able to express my sincere appreciation for everything that they do.What are the top two items on your bucket list?To live and work abroad one day.To own a golden retriever!What are your hobbies? In my free time you can find me trying new brunch restaurants, catching up with an old friend, or planning my next big trip.What made Meredith such an invaluable addition to the Class of 2019? â€Å"Me redith is curious, passionate, and confident. Her positive energy was absolutely contagious both inside and outside of my classroom. In a discussion-driven class with more than 50 students, Meredith stood out not only because of her unique insights, but also because she delivered them with such passion. Her presence helped create an engaging and exciting learning experience for her classmates. It was a delight to have had her in my class. She absolutely deserves the recognition!†Pian Shu Assistant Professor, Strategy Innovation Scheller College of Business at Georgia Techâ€Å"Meredith not only excels in the classroom – she is a leader on campus in Scheller College and among her peers. She broke the glass ceiling and became the first female president of the Scheller Business Ambassadors and has continually demonstrated her â€Å"can do† attitude and commitment to our Scheller College community. She represents everything that makes Scheller College a great plac e!†Craig Womack Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech Page 1 of 11

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Imprisoned by Social Media - Free Essay Example

The great Albert Einstein once said The day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. Social Media is handicapping our youth of letting us as humans beings not think for ourselves. A man should be defined by his hard work and his success: not by his amount of followers and attention he gets. Whether we like it or not, Social Media, Internet, and all of technology are here to stay and growing every day. Social Media plays a big role in America and is brainwashing our youth in not giving us the right to think for ourselves. We need to stop making stupid people famous. Social media is the future of communication, online channels dedicated to community-based and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information. This new form of Social Media is the transfer of photos, texts, video, audio, and any information youre willing to share among other internet users. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and LinkedIn have online communities where you can share a lot of information, personal or non-personal. The outcome of having these Social Medias is the amount of your information being exposed, promoted, searched, created, and disputed. The last thing anyone would want is all our information in the wrong hands. All it takes is one post for a number of people to be little you and everything you stand for. Social Media plays a big role everywhere around the World, mainly America. Social Media can open doors for some people making it easier for people to make contact and communicate with others. A lot of people are very shy and awkward when it comes to communication with other people the media eliminates it. Social Media is very good for our economy bringing opportunities to jobs and helping businesses grow by getting there name out there. It helps businesses able to buy supplies for whatever their needs are without wasting time and effort. Young adults are the foundation of Social Media. The founders of Facebook were all college roommates at Harvard University just wanted an easy way connect with other college students. Facebooks makes it easier to meet people, including making contact with old friends and catching up. This would help the older generation communicate with their old high school and college friends. Facebook and Twitter updates people whats going on in the world and wha ts trending. With all these positive outcomes that the older generations get, the youth get the short end of the stick. Social Media tries their best to cover up the bad, ugly truth about what it does to your health. The media can play with our emotions brainwashing you telling you what right from wrong. It strangles us from whats important and eats away your time, because we all want attention. We lack the face to face communication with family, friends, and others. We lose that spark in people. Social Media kills all types of relationships including: family, friends, and couples. Because you post one thing, its up for the whole world to see. The media fools people every day with gossips, rumors, and facts. Why are so attached? We the people like to instigate peoples business because we are curious. Our curiosity can messes with us emotionally with jealousy, lust, and hatred towards one another. The media is always in celebrities business. They are always trying to make someone look bad, because the more rating the more money. Most of the stuff we hear is all a lie. We cant trust the Internet and me dia for nothing and on top of that there people every day that hack people. The person that we think we know could be someone else; it is deceitful. Today, people idolize someone off there looks and money. People are very judgmental. Teenagers and young adults are at the age where they are most emotional. The Internet and Media does more harm than good to us. It causes natural disorders that can rub off on anyone that gets a negative vibe. All this websites can tear a person apart emotional, mentally, and physically. People like to cyberbully people and that is becoming a serious problem in America. Cyber bullying is when someone is tormented, threatened, harassed, embarrassed, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another person on the Internet and social media. People who have been cyber bullied have a high risk of depression and anxiety. Symptoms of cyber bullying are: loss of sleep and eating, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, health complaints, and loss of interest in hobbies. Kids tend to miss and drop out of school, get poor grades, abuse drugs and alcohol, and have a low self-esteem. In worst cases; thoughts of hurting people, yourself, and suicidal thoughts. Use of social networks can cause personality and mental disorders in children, limited attention spans, face to face conversation, instant gratification, and Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Social Media tends to distracts you and eats away your time for the wrong reasons. It holds you back from achieving Malcom Gladwells Outliers 10,000 hour rule. If you even want to be successful in anything you are going to have to put in10,000 hours. The Media keeps you from reach your goals and being successful. The media sucks you in and makes you lazy because your eyes are stuck on your phone or internet. Pupils grades have dropped enormously. Statistics show that students that use social media grades drop from a 3.82 GPA to a 3.06 GPA. Students test score have also dropped 20% from the abuse of social media. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are a direct cause for lost productivity at the workplace. 36% of workers said social networking was the biggest waste of time such as watching TV, video games, and shopping. In a 2012 study families reported spending less quality time with each other rose from 8% in 2000 to 32% in 2011. Also, another 32% spent text or on social media sites instead of communicating with one another during family holidays and gatherings. You can say this generation just had bad timing. Like Malcom Gladwells Outliers Matthew Effect. It explains that the date you were born on will have an effect on your whole life. To every problem there is a solution. If you have a social media addiction first thing to do is acknowledge you have a problem, and it is better to get that out the way then being in denial. Give yourself a certain amount of time like 20 minutes a day. If you get stuck your 20 minutes can turn into 2 hours and on and on. Give up social media for a couple days see how that goes, then try weeks and see how it goes then. If none of this is working, unfriend or unfollow the people that give you nothing but a negative vibe. Unfriend or unfollow the people that you really dont know or have no interest for. Doing this will make your News Feed smaller and take up less time. When youre mad last thing you do is be on social media you will end up doing and saying something you are going to regret. Think before you post stuff, act like your family, work, school is watching you. People have lost sport scholarship and jobs because they posted something on the Internet that made the person look di sgraceful to others. When you finished with the website or app sign out, it keeps you from getting little notifications that side-track you from doing whatever you were doing. It also makes you think twice like do I really need to waste my time and go through the hassle. If none of this works delete youre saved apps on phone and computer. If someone really needs to get a hold of you they will find a way to contact you. Find a hobby to do in your spare time, and find friends that will keep you busy. Love yourself, find ways to keep yourself motivated in order to reach your goals so you can be successful in your own eyes. In October 2006, a 13 year old girl named Megan Meier was founded in her bedroom closet hung to death. Megan had an attention deficit disorder and problems with depression in addition with problems with her weight. Five weeks before she killed herself she met a 16 year-old named Josh Evens on Myspace. They start to hit it off she said that there is finally a boy who thought she was really pretty. Mid-October, Josh began to say cruel things to Megan saying he doesnt want to be friends, and the world would be better off without you. The cyberbullying escalated with other classmates and friends joining in on taunting. 20 minutes later she hanged herself in her closet. After her death, Megans parents were informed that Josh was not a real person. Her old friend and neighbor made a fake account to mess with her and to get even. A federal jury indicted her on all four counts in 2008. Judge George Wu acquitted Drew in August 2009 and vacated the conviction. Its very sad that Megan went out like that, especially when the person wasnt even real. The Nation Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center estimates that over 30 percent of American youth are either a bully or a victim of bullying. However bullying is no longer a problem in the hallways, playgrounds, cafeterias, and classroom. Instead, technology is the new bullying from cell phones, social media websites and other online websites. According to the (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people with approximately 4,400 deaths every year just from social media. For every suicide there is a 100 suicide attempts. More than 14 percent of high school students have suicidal thoughts, and 7 percent have attempted suicide. Social Media can hurt more than just one person; it can hurt your loved ones, friends, and a community. I believe if we ever want to be successful in this world staying away from social media would be the smartest thing to do. Our actions should speak for us not our media posts on the internet. You get the wrong kind of attention on social media. You cant believe everything that is posted on the Internet. You cant even believe people on the media cause behind that computer screen it can be someone else. We lose that genuine in people when people all around have their business out and about to the public. We need to worry me about ourselves, then what others are doing. I wrote this paper because social media has been nothing but trouble to me. Friendships and Relationships with girls have been ruined over it. I have been fights on social media, and been in a fist fight with an individual over something dumb. My ability to focus in school has taken a tremendous fail. My grades have fallen due to being distracted and are now trying to recover. Yeah I have met and have been known through social media from people. In the End I wish I was never introduced to Social Media. In Conclusion, Social Media does more damage than good to our health. The Media is nothing but a brainwashing system trying to get all attention, and keep you distracted from whats important. We need to be a lot smarter than our phone. We give it the juice, the power to work, it shouldnt be working us. We are handicapping ourselves if we give into what the media says is right from wrong. As Albert Einstein said, The day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

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Synopsis Of The Book Beric - 1597 Words

1. Where Beric finds himself in this chapter is the wide waters of the Rhenus which caught the first shrill gleam of the early northern sunlight, flashing solver as it flowed out from the mist haunted darkness of the forest, and lapped along the river ramparts and the jetties of Colonia Agrippina. On the West Bank-Roman bank of the river the little colonial town, Capitol of the lower Rhenus providence, sat compactly within its walls, with the usual native fringe huddled about it, and the big that was the winter station of the twenty second legion; its cleared cornland, and the vineyard where the vines where in young leaf. It had been almost two years since he came north with many others sentenced to the galleys, to fill the gaps in the†¦show more content†¦They had been straining there lungs rowing will all there might everything they had in them to get the reward they had been promised. Chapter 13 1. Jason had a dream about that he was back among his own people, in the days before he ever thought of Rome..... What happened in his dream is There was a little boat that his brother and he had of there own. They painted her like a mallard, with green and purple on her wing coverts, and the eyes at her bows little and bright like a mallards. He was dreaming of her ..... It was just after the winter rains, and the whole island scarlet with anemones most all where the olive trees fell back behind the house. They always grew thickly there. And Briseis, his mothers old slave had been baking bread. 2. What happened to Jason in this chapter is he had died at the oar. What happened to Beric is he had been very angry because the overseer had not listened to him before when he had said to replace him because his friend was sick and now he was dead and his body thrown overboard and with a raging fury of anger he fought to kill when the overseer was about to reach out to grab the shackle for the replacement of